Scotland’s Collections and the Digital Humanities

A series of three workshops, funded by The Royal Society of Edinburgh and in partnership with the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, which brings together researchers, curators, archivists, librarians and collections managers to explore the future of digital research and engagement within Scotland.  The workshops will be held on 14th February, 25th April and 5th September 2014.

Digital technologies present many exciting new avenues for humanities research and engagement with Scotland’s national collections. As well as enabling access to archival materials through digitization, they offer an emergent set of computational methodologies for the study of cultural artefacts, narratives and histories: from text mining large corpora in order to identify patterns and trends, and mapping networks of relations between objects, people and institutions, to creating dynamic visualizations that allow new perspectives on objects and data. At the same time, they enable data and findings to be shared globally and in innovative and engaging forms, breaking down the traditional distinction between academic research and public engagement. This series of workshops provides a forum in which to discuss these methods, the opportunities and challenges they present to those working in different sectors, and how they might be used to increase access to, knowledge of and engagement with Scotland’s collections.

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