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Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles and Chapters

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with Andrew Roberts, Martin Fischer and Jane Stabler. ‘Space and Pattern in Linear and Postlinear Poetry: Empirical and Theoretical Approaches’ European Journal of English Studies Special Issue: Visual Text No.17 2013.

with Andrew Roberts, Martin Fischer and Anna Katharina Schaffner. ‘Creative Practice and Experimental Method in Electronic Literature and Human Experimental Psychology’, Forthcoming in dichtung-digital, special issue on Electronic Literature Communities, Part II (Summer 2012).

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‘The No Man Show: Technology and the Extension of Presence in the Work of Andy Warhol.’ Published in Esharp: Electronic Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts Review for Post-graduates 5 (Summer 2005) <; July 2005.


Art/Curation Writing

‘Incarnations’, & Labels, Special Issue: Materiality and Metaphysics.  Duncan of Jordanstone: Dundee, October 2012

Co-editor of & Labels, Special Issue: Materiality and Metaphysics.  Duncan of Jordanstone: Dundee, October 2012.

‘Exhibiting the Written Word’ (Best Practice Document) Edinburgh University / National Library of Scotland, 2011.


Review: BOHN, WILLARD. Reading Visual Poetry. Forum for Modern Language Studies 2011; doi: 10.1093/fmls/cqr050

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