For the Wall


For the Wall

“perhaps the most useful thing art can offer is the opportunity to slow down a bit, to stop and look, to stop and turn something over: that is the limit of my ambition, really. If the work can propose that, then that is enough.”

For the Wall  (2013) is a book by David Bellingham, produced beautifully at his WAX366 press, which puts into print a couple of conversations we’ve had in the last few years. I find David’s work really compelling: his attitude to making and  his interrogation of language really resonate with me. Reading his words now, I’m struck by how modest they are, not in the sense of coy or self-effacing, but rather just in their embrace of the pared down and the minimal. Simply prompting people to slow down, to stop, to look: it’s much more difficult than it sounds.  I can’t but feel my own questions are rather cumbersome and clumsy in comparison.



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