Centre for Data Culture & Society

When I was appointed to the post of Manager, the Centre for Data, Culture & Society only existed in on paper. It was my role to take that proposal and turn it onto reality, bootstrapping the new centre from scratch. This involved hiring a team, setting up new processes and workflows, new governance structures and ensuring that everything aligned with the processes and strategies of the College and University more broadly. It also involved establishing an identify for the centre – something made infinitely easier by the talents of our graphic designer Ann Harrison, whose mashups of archival imagery feature heavily in our branding (including the image attached to this project) – and building the academic network around it.

Update: As time has gone on, and we have become established there have been plenty more projects developing and coming to fruition. I don’t have time to add them all here, but here are links for the curious!

text mining labs

digital research prizes

research adaptation work

summer school

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