Young Academy of Scotland: Careers Beyond Academia

I’m speaking at an event in Glasgow next week, focused on careers beyond academia for those with Humanities PhDs. I feel a bit of a fraud in some ways, as I’m still employed in a ‘alt-ac’ kind of role, working in a university and continuing to do many of the same kinds of activities as I did as an academic. However, I do recall how intimidating it felt to be looking at ads for ‘professional’ jobs and wondering if my application would be taken seriously and what it felt like to be attending interviews in which I had to really draw out connections between my experience and the role requirements that did not seem obvious to the interviewers. So I’ll be sharing some insights into the approaches I took, and the help I sought out. Perhaps I’ll find time to write it up for this blog at some point too!

The event is on 14th May, at Glasgow Caledonian University, and it’s organised as part of the Young Academy of Scotland.

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